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  • Free Fingerprint Verification SDK  v.1.0Freeware SDK and .NET components for biometrical application development for Windows platform. Includes programming samples in C++, C#, Sun Java 2, Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic .NET and Delphi 7. Supports 40+ major fingerprint scanners and sensors.
  • CSI PC2  v.1.0CSI PC2 is a project for verification and identification of biometrical information that scales up to tens of millions of entries. Several algorithms are implemented. It includes testbeds, benchmarks and genetic algorithms for optimization.
  • BioKeyLogon  v.2.0BioKeyLogon - add keystroke dynamics authentication to standard Windows authentication procedure during logon. It is based on the fact that different people type in uniquely characteristic manners.
  • VeriFinger Standard SDK Trial  v.6.0Multiplatform fingerprint identification SDK for PC and Web based applications. Supports about 40 major fingerprint scanners and sensors. Includes programming samples: C, C++, C#, Sun Java 2, Visual Basic 6, VB .NET, VBA, Delphi 7.
  • VeriEye Algorithm Demo (For Windows)  v.2.0Eye iris identification algorithm demo application for MS Windows. The robust proprietary iris recognition technology accepts images with gazing away eyes or narrowed eyelids and provides reliable iris matching at speeds up to 150,000 irises per ...
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